Just in – Bushiri and his wife are in custody in Malawi because police raided their house their house this morning.

Times lives confirmed the Bushiris are now is custody in Malawi after The Gauteng High Court issued a warrant of arrest them. The Raid happened this morning because the couple fled South Africa through Beit Bridge border.

Shepherd will forfeit his multi million property if he doesn’t return to South Africa. The controversial Religious leader has fraud and money laundering case on his shoulders.

Now that he is custody, will he return to South Africa to save his property? Reports says Bushiri paid officers to cross the border.

Gauteng high Court can now be proud that Bushiris are now in custody and didn’t take long to catch them. Police caught them and took them to police station during the Raid.

Ever since Shepherd and Mary fled South Africa or from the beginning when he was arrested, he is trending everywhere and some poeple are happy that his schemes might be over.

Celebrities like Dj Shimza has a video of Bushiri preaching to congregation on social media of a girl he went to her house a while back.

This is making people to talk about what is happening during Bushiri’s church service. He will now be in custody till further notice and stay tuned to hear more of his news.

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