Fresh from initiation school & parents spoiled him like this

According to some traditions for a boy to became a men he needs to go to initation school in order to become a men. It is in this initiation school that many boys start becoming man and start taking initiative for their own life.

However there are some things according to tradition that these boys have to go to in order to became men. A new man from initiation school caused a stir on social media after people saw him in a helicopter.

People were very shocked when they saw what happened here, as this new men from initiation school was in a helicopter. Surely this is not something people are used to seeing, as it is not everyday that people see something like this.

It is however clear to see that maybe this new man was in a rush to go somewhere, as he did not even have time to do his ceremony as it is what people should do when coming back from initiation school.

Some people on social media were even laughing to show this is something they are used to seeing. For some people they would say that this is not how things should be done. However surely there should be a good reason why things happened this way.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing what happened here.