Food that makes you tastier to mosquitoes

No one wants a mosquito to bite them because they leave sicknesses to our health. There are lot of reasons lot of reasons why mosquitoes like certain people too much than others.

other people seem to live a good life because they wear everything they want especial clothes that show flesh. In this article you will learn why mosquitoes bite you more than other bad on food.


Believe it or not, beer is linked to attracting mosquitoes to people who drinks it. Beer has an ingredient called ethanol and having it in your blood will attract mosquitoes.


Food that are high in potassium increases the amount of lactic acid in our bodies and attract mosquitoes. our bodies produces lactic acid naturally so eating food rich in potassium increases it.

Salty food

Food that are high with salt increases sodium we have in our bodies which will attract mosquitoes. Take like a person who love salty food like beef. Food like bacon, crispy chips and roasted peanuts will increase your lactic acid same as banana and avocado.

Sweet treats

When eating food that are sugary will make you to have an aroma called saccharine which makes you sweet and mosquitoes loves that.

Alcoholic drinks

Beverages like cocktails increases your body temperature and attract mosquitoes. It’s either you keep cool or you leave these drinks.

Food high with cholesterol

Eating food such as junk food or take away will increase your cholesterol too as they are also high in cholesterol. Females tends to be the victims of mosquitoes than man it’s because females are full of cholesterol by nature which is normal.

Limburger cheese

all types of cheese are made with a economical bacteria that makes feet smell and mosquitoes like that.

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