Ginimbi’s house to be turned into a hotel.

Ginimbi died in a horrific car accident on Sunday mornings along with other three passengers.

Ginimbi Kadungure’s car Rolls Royce collided with a blue Honda in Harare easily Sunday morning and died minutes after the accident.

Socialite Ginimi’s mansion will be turned into a hotel as he wished. A 36 year old man died on Sunday morning when he was going back to his Domboshava home in the company of Limumba Karim, believed to be a Malawian origin as well as other two passengers.

The eye witness said they tried saving people involved in the accident but they died. Ginimbi and his friends were coming back from Moana’s 26th year birthday which was held at Ginimi’s club Dreams, formally Sankayi.

Many celebrities were seen on Ginimi’s house to pay condolences, people like David and other international friends.

The burial date hasn’t been announced by the family but will announce when they have decided to lay him for his final rest.


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