Father weeps as he last seen Moana 2 years ago before her death

Moana’s father cries as he last seen Moana two years ago before her death. It was her 26th birthday on Sunday and she celebrated her bash at Ginimbi’s Club Dreams.

The father of Michelle Moana Amuli is crying that he last seen his daughter two years ago and now that she passed away, it is hurting to him.

He complained that his daughter became a party animal and said to Herald Live their relationship with her went sour in 2017 when Moana left her husband.

Ishmael Amuli explained that he was talking to Moana before she left home for good telling her that she should stop with her bad behavior like being featured in music videos.

Ishmael said that he didn’t like what she was turning herself into and had to step in and tell her to stop, but it made her to leave home for good.

It’s been two year Ishmael and Moana not seeing each other and now Ishmael will be seeing her in a coffin. Moana was with Ginimbi on their way back from her 26th year birthday when Ginimbi’s purple Roll Royce collided head on head with a blue Honda and died few minutes on the scene because the car exploded while witnesses were trying to save them.


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