We prefer polygamy in the future, says Qwabe twins!

Former Idols SA finally responds to rumours that they are dating.

There’s been a video that was circulating all over social media of Viggy and Virginia kissing each other that got people talking saying they are in a relationship.

They now slammed the rumours saying they are just sisters and have been like that for a very long time. They also said they are not planing to date nor even dating currently.

The song that got people talking about Qwabe kissing each other is Hamba. In the song Qwabe twins are facing the camera and one kisses the other on the neck later hold hands to kiss very passionately then smile.

People concluded that they are dating and have sexual chemistry. Twins said, “we have always been like this. We spend lot of time together as sisters. We are not in a relationship with each other or anyone else. We are not planning to have our own families anytime soon”.

The said in the statement they prefer polygamy when they get married. After leaving Idols SA Qwabe twins bought their fiest car but earlier this year and Dj Tira congratulated them also fans, BMW 5 series.


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