Thuto Moitsi(17) is murdered by her boyfriend’s father after Thuto won the fight.

Thuto Moitsi aged 17 years old is been murdered by the father of her boyfriend after the boyfriend beat her first.

On social media it is updated that her boyfriend got into a fight with her but apparently he lost the fight to her. He then went to his father to report what happened, but father went to beat her to death.

It is said that the father went to the scene and beat her by dropping her and she was taken to the hospital were she didn’t make it. Social media is not happy about this as this father had no right to do what he did because it was only a kids matter where he could have sat them down and fix the problem.

Facebook post.

This is so said to see that a young girl like her loses her life at a young age like this. The family of this girl surely needs justice for their daughter. A video that is circulating will soon be available as for now it hasn’t been released for protection of the suspects.

On social media people asked for this post to be shared to the world and later will share the video of the time where father was dropping Thuto down which he dies few days after she sustained head injuries.


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