Gogo has 50 ton bad luck worth R2M to remove, RDP IS ALSO GONE

Gogo has 50 ton bad luck worth R2M to remove, RDP IS ALSO GONE

A FAKE sangoma told the gogo that her house had evil spirits and she had to sell it.

The sangoma then arranged the buyer and the gogo’s RDP house in Buhle Park near Katlehong, Ekurhuleni was sold for less than R250 000 in March.

But instead of giving gogo her money, the sangoma arrived two days later with a box and told her it had the cash and extra money, which amounted to R2 million.

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He told gogo Phumla Gxaweni (66) to only open it after he left – but when she did she found fake money, an ostrich egg in a box with sangoma cloths.

Gogo Phumla said she regrets the day she met the sangoma on the street.

Gogo Phumla Gxaweni’s house in Buhle Park. Photos by Morapedi Mashashe

“It was last November when I met him. I was limping and he told me he had to do rituals at my house,” she said.

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Gogo said the sangoma sprinkled muthi in her yard but it was as if the muthi had made her agree to everything he said.

“He told me my house was going to be sold for R250 000 and he brought the buyer. I suspect the buyer, the sangoma and this so-called agent were working together. The sangoma came with people who made me sign documents I didn’t understand,” said the gogo.

The gogo moved out on 1 March after she was pressured to get out by the buyer.

She is now staying with neighbours with her 17-year-old disabled grandson.

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“I need help to get my house back,” she said.

Community leader Khethokuhle Hlongwane said the scammers fool the elderly people into selling their houses and disappear with the money.

She said about 10 families in Buhle Park have been robbed of their RDPs in the same manner.

“We advise people to come to us when they are approached and not to act on their own.”

She said last week, they caught the estate agent who told them the sangoma was from Kenya.

Zweli Dlamini of Ekurhuleni Municipality said this was definitely a scam and said the gogo must open a case.

“We are going to send officials to get to the bottom of this.”

Gogo said she went to Elsburg Police Station but was turned away.

“Cops told me I’ve been conned and there was nothing they could do for me.

Sergeant Daphney Phooko said the cops were supposed to open a case for gogo. “This is a fraud case. It’s not up to them to decide not to open the case.”

She advised the gogo to go back to the police station.

Penny Ndlovu, who is the co-ordinator of traditional healers in Ekurhuleni and also work for the CRL Commission, said they will visit Buhle Park to find out what’s going on.