R50k and 8 cows lobola paid for new Zulu Queen Ntokozo Mayisela

Eight cows and R50 000 lobola paid for new Zulu Queen Ntokozo Mayisela, a long time sweet heart.

Thursday is the day marked on a calendar for Zulu nation that new Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini registered for marriage at Department of Home Affairs.

Queen Ntokozo Mayisela who has two children with King Misuzulu kaZwelithini 3 and 9 years old is now officially married to her long time sweet heart. Though the King has other children with other women, she is still with him cause love conquers all. It is not clear that King Misuzulu will also marry other baby mothers or not yet.

Independent media publication have learned that the Mayisela family demanded eight cows and R50 000 in cash for lobola, paid on Thursday afternoon.

As I am speaking to you right now we are inside the farm selecting the best cows to present them to the Mayisela family at 4pm today. We will not sleep over, instead, we will present our cows and come back. They demanded eight cows and R50 000 in cash and we happily obliged, a royal source told Independent Media on Thursday morning.

Prince Mangomsuthu Buthelezi, the king’s and Zulu nation’s traditional prime minister, has not responded to the questions from Independent Media about lobola delegations. His comment will be published to the Zulu nation and South Africa at large.

While the new Queen lives around Pinetown in Durban, her ancestral home is in coal mining town Newcastle and is where all traditional ceremonies regarding her new royal status will take place.

Other royal sources said the new queen would take part in the coming royal meeting on Friday. After the meeting, King Misuzulu, together with the queen, will leave for Eswatini to bid farewell to King Mswati III and come back to fulfill their royal duties.

The meeting of Friday is expected to iron out the last few remaining royal feuds.amd prepare court for the King’s inauguration which is expected to be carried out in the coming weeks.