Watch| Laerskool Principal thrown out by furious parents

Watch a video of Laerskool Principal being thrown out by furious parents on Thursday afternoon day of 13 May 2021.

An angry group of parents filled the office in Laerskool Secondary School in Pretoria after she was accused that she is bullying staff.

A viral video surfaced online and shocked people to see that a female school principal was thrown out of the office like she was no body irrespective of her faults. Furious parents took the matter into their own hands by physically throwing out the principal.

This video that was seen online was caused a stir when they saw mob parents dragging female principal outside the office because they accuse her that she has driven the school into financial ruin, these accusation are yet substantiated.

We have made contact with the school and the local educational authorities, and await a response. Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi is likely to be brought in to investigate the incident, as well as the circumstances leading up to it. According to one local with intimate knowledge of the situation, tensions had reached boiling point before Thursday.

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