Israella Bushiri short lived with implications SA is involved

Self proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri is going through a tough time when is publicized that his favorite daughter has passed on.

Shepherd Bushiri and Mary Bushiri has lost one of their favorite child named Israella Bushiri, announcement came from Shepard himself through social media.

18 March 2021 is the day prophet Shepherd Bushiri announced again that his daughter was admitted to ICU after being diagnosed she has a lung infection.

Shepherd Bushiri gave a statement that implied that Shiuth African Authorities has a hand in his daughter’s death. This is after Israella’s doctor highlighted that if she wasn’t blocked at the airport when she needed to travel to Kenya for medical assistance she would be alive.

Israella Bushiri

It is very disheartening and sad, therefore, that my daughter has become a victim of the persecutions that we are facing from South Africa, Shepherd said.

Few days ago, a picture of Israella Bushiri was shared on social media seeing that Bushiri’s congregation was praying for her recovery, days later she passed on.

Israella was a strong young girl who loved to worship and serve God, despite her young age. She was a walking angel. In our darkest moments, she gave us light and in our lowest moments, she lifted our spirits. I am grateful to God to have fathered an angel of such spirit and beauty. She will always be my little girl.

A message shared by Shepherd Bushiri on Twitter