A lady without a tooth stunned people with motivation

A lady without the central incisor motivates people who doesn’t have the teeth or tooth out here. You will be surprised to hear her journey. 

A lady took it to social media sharing the journey of her life without a central incisor (best known as rabbit tooth). Out here there are many people who doesn’t have front tooth, they become less confident and they think they are not welcomed.

To hear the story of this lady, you will hear that you guys have the same struggle and you will quickly stand tall to ignore the world.

Adeyinka Kenny knows very well that the first thing you will see on her is inside her mouth, this right here will surprise you. Still on that Kenny says she never been so confident in her life.

Kenny says she didn’t have central incisor for a long time now, she says it has limited her of many things which discouraged her and made her feel empty.

Adeyinka wanted to be a model, not having the central incisor thought it will limit her because of the imperfection thinking to be a model you have to be perfect. She never smiled or laughed in most of the times in her life because of this.

Kenny had tough times in her life because of this, she say she cried mostly and she was mocked by her friends even called by all sorts of names. This is the struggle she went through but this time around she is fine.

She told herself that there is a reason why she doesn’t have the teeth, she thanks God for making her like that. People who doesn’t have this teeth always think what people will say or if they will fit in the society.

If you keep listening to negative things people say about you, you will remain stagnant on what has happened to you.said Adeyinka on social media. 

What Adeyinka did was to associate herself with positive people and left the ones who are negative and want to make her fell less also unwelcomed.

God bless you guys, accept and embrace who you are and start loving yourself and live your life.said Adeyinka

This right her she stands on a ground telling people that they should never let people get into their lives and control it. People do not have a right to give opinions about your life, though life is open for opinions but not the ones that brings down confidence.

This is my own uniqueness, you don’t always have to be the same with others. Being different is good. I pray my story inspire people like me out there to live your dream to the fullest.

– The end