Jumped into conclusions, truth about warder and prisoner

The whole truth submerged into people’s faces again after jumping to conclusions that the two people in the sex tape are married. 

17 March 2021 it was the day people woke up into a video of a Correctional Service officer and a prisoner sex tape. The two have been trending ever since their video leaked on social media.

During the time of circulation, people believed that the two people in the video are a married couple and they come a long way. To find out later that the two are not married and they do not know each other that much. They just met at the prison and decided to date till they made a video of themselves.

The KwaZulu-Natal Correctional Service Warden was in trouble when the high Official saw the video and worse part it was with the inmate. She was suspended with immediate effect yesterday in before afternoon.

The warden yesterday was believed to be married to the prisoner and people were bringing up the photos of the marriage. To look closely the man in the picture of marriage memory and the prisoner are not the same.

The man said to be husband is bit shorter than the prisoner and the prisoner has a little bit of a big nose. Though both dark in completion but is not the same person.

DCS spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo slammed the rumours as they work together saying that the rumours of the warden and prison being married are lies.

Later on Wednesday it was also said that the warden whose name is yet on public, it was said that she committed suicide. Nxumalo also slammed the rumours saying it’s a lie she did not commit suicide.

We have charged that Official with a suspension letter. The letter has been handed to her and she has been suspended now. The investigation has been broadened beyond just the two people involved in the video. Nxumalo said.

Nxumalo also said the Twitter claims that the two are married is a lie, there is no relationship there.

People who said that they know the lady and she is married but not to the prisoner. 

-Watch the video again incase you missed it-

Note: The video has been edited hide some part of exposed nudity.