Watch| A prison warden and inmate on camera

It’s hard to believe to see a female prison warden and a male inmate caught mating on camera, people do not believe this action while officer is on duty.

17 March 2021 is the date marked on the calendar that a prison officer said to be of Durban caught on camera with an inmate who is supposed to be on his cell but in the office.

People woke up stepping on the video and they are talking loud about this. In past years there was a video of a police woman and a correctional officer caught in camera together in the office.

Today people bumped on another similar incident but this time around is the inmate and warden on camera. Probably there will be a disciplinary hearing for the female correctional officer same way of the police officer and a correctional officer.

The police and correctional officer were reported to be dismissed on duty after the disciplinary hearing held against them. The incident of a sex tape happened in hospital.

Here is what happened to the case of the cop and warden reports from big Officials handled the case after being dismissed. 

– Statements

We are happy with the decision to dismiss the officer, and we commend the speedy way in which the case was handled.  Committee Chairman Vincent Smith said in a statement.

This matter here brings to speculations that the case of this warder will happen the same way, maybe it might be on another level as she took the inmate out of his cell and to the play room.

In the video you will watch here you will see that they locked the office and outside the office you will hear other people are on duty, a lady is talking passing by or from a distance.

Note: The video was edited as it’s contains scenes of sexual acts.

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