Polo vivo with 4 exhaust pipes got people talking

See the Polo Vivo everyone is talking about, people are talking about the pimping the owner did of outing four exhaust pipes.

Polo Vivo from Volkswagen is one of the most affordable cars in South Africa. Many people including students mostly go for the brand, for other people they can get approved to buy even if they have short employment period.

Mostly people buy them because they can safe on fuel use and for full tank is affordable. Other people they choose to buy them because they are fashionable, mostly they bring eyes on you.

This time around the owner of a Polo Vivo made something on the car that brought high number of eyes for wrong reasons. This guy all he did is to install four exhaust pipes on a Polo Vivo, bad modification.

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This car that you see here is not even an R-line, it’s more like Vivo 1.4 or 1.6 model. People say others should stay away from this car because it will shoot you, they talk about smoke. As you all know that Polo cars have been trending for too long now, still trending even now.

Social media comments

People are stunned to see a Polo Vivo with four exhaust pipes. We do not know the pressure on the owner and the pressure the car is on, all we know is that it was modified to be the beast.