Opinion| Government should close tarvens for these reasons

South Africa – earlier in March 2020, government declared that South Africa will be under lockdown because of the ruthless virus called Covid-19.

Many things were put on hold from operating, things from economy, works and movement. Since then the country was in a battle to stop the spread of this virus.

When time goes on the government and as took its decisions and recommendations from National Coronavirus Command Council, it saw it would be better when the implement levels to also see a fix on a weak economy along with livelihood of the people.

South Africa saw itself moving from level 5 to level 4 till late in August 2020 when level 1 was introduced. Since then the country stucked in level 1 due valid reason because it doesn’t seem for the virus to stop spreading as well as there’s no vaccine.

Things that were banned

Sales alcohol

Import and exports of certain goods

Sales of cigarettes

Interprovincial and intraprovincial travel

Staying at guests houses and B&B


Fitness centers to open

Education closed

There are many things that were closed during hard lockdown and some eased levels. Well the country was doing just fine on daily recorded rates of Covid-19 before eased restrictions but the economy is at stake.

Since traveling to other countries is allowed to resume, it’s some how contributing to rise in infections. People moving from South Africa to countries with high infections got contacted with the virus and brought it in South Africa.

Inside south africa things like pubs, beaches and interprovincial as far as they are allowed, rates escalated and now the country is on second wave of Covid-19.

Opinion continues

Many people now forgot that the virus is still out here and health protocols stills needs to be adhered to. We go around and see what’s happening, well not more than 100 people are allowed to be in pubs. That’s not really happening and still is very dangerous.

Government officials needs to make sure that pub owners are adhering to health protocols and make sure that only a certain number of people inside pubs is available.

It will be in no time when the country will see itself in level 2, good news are that the government has just paid it’s first installment of COVAX vaccine. What does this mean? It may mean that South Africa can be out of lockdown by early or mid 2021.

The government should close pubs too as it did with super spreading venues like beaches. People don’t keep 1.5 meters distance at the ouns and this is dangerous.

The country won’t afford to go back to level 2,3 or even 4, people need to take this virus serious. We cannot greet 2021 with sorrows or sad news.

Things to do

Wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds.

Sanitize your hands more frequently.

Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

Keep 1.5 meters distance between you a.lnd the next person.