An undocumented Zim man claims ownership of a RDP house

Villa Liza -An undocumented Zimbabwean national David Ncube who is believed to be a petrol attendant at GP wholesale fuels that is based in Germiston is allegedly suspected to be illegally collecting rentals from disadvantaged South Africans every month and to large extent he is also taking advantage of other foreign nationals by forcefully taking their belongings.

In a virtual interview done by this publication, David Ncube said with boastfulness, “I’m known in Villa Liza and I’ve been living in South Africa for ten years, so anyone who thinks he/she is brave enough must come face me.”

According to a close source Ncube took over the RDP house after Monica Mushangwe who lived in the house, at 2792 Cinnamon Street in Villa Liza extension 2, died three years ago, she was also a Zimbabwean national. An intense fight erupted between Monica’s sister and David over the ownership of the house.With his violent nature he managed to kick Monica’s sister out of the house and forced everyone to pay rent and his taking the money to Zimbabwe. The Investigations that were done by Ekhuruleni News revealed that even his parents in Zimbabwe are aware of issues pertaining the house.

“Please don’t bring this to light if you do everything will crumble, we are trying to survive,” a man believed to be his father said over the phone.

“He is saying he was related to Monica and he is her grandson but Monica used to tell us that she never had a child. If it was so why did Monica give a child next door to be the beneficiary of the house? said one neighbour who refused to be mentioned.

Another close source informed Ekhuruleni News that David doesn’t have any ownership documents of the house he is collecting payments for.

“The rhetorical question is how can a undocumented foreign national own a RDP house .It’s not a new thing to us, this guy is even uses a bank account that belongs to someone else at his workplace and every month when he gets paid they tell him he is clever and lucky, we drink with him we know everything,” said another friend who requested to be anonymous.

One official said, “People must know the law of South Africa especially with the house issues, if any owner of a property dies the person that must take over his/her property is person who is related to him or her, which one of his/her family members, if your name is not on his/her family tree that automatically disqualifies you from owning his/her property. Those beneficiaries of RDP houses who sacrifice indentities to accommodate foreigners in exchange of favours they must know they will not be able to apply for RDP house again,so it is best for them to act wisely and get what belongs to them. Such awareness will help our people from these unscrupulous foreign manners; there are so many South Africans who are struggling with accommodation right under the authorities noses, foreigners are illegally living good.”

Another devasted resident said, “If people unite we can fight crime at grassroot level. We call upon all stakeholders, law enforcements and maintenance organisation to hold hands and give back what belongs to South Africans.

He concluded by saying that with what is happening in the Ekhuruleni Region now, this will not last longer. The long arm of the law will deal with him.

More investigations are under way regarding this property issue