Check out what this lady did at a salon that got her into trouble (photos)

There are circumstances and situations one may find himself or herself in and there will be no help. That was the case of this lady that got striped off.

Most ladies are like her, sometimes. If you want to visit her boyfriend, she goes to her boyfriend’s house without having any money in her purse, not even in her transport fare. It is obvious and unfortunate that some ladies still rely on their boyfriend for all of their needs in their forties.

When this young lady went to the salon to make her hair, she knew very well that she was not going to have any money on her, yet she still went there empty-handed to make her hair. She

told the hair dresser that her boyfriend would pay when he comes. She assured the head dreser that her boyfriend is on his way to where she’s making her hair and that he will pay when he comes.

After making her hair, the hairdresser waited for her boyfriend to come and pay, but when he didn’t show up, the hairdresser decided to let her go. Since she didn’t have any money on her, she feigned a call, pretending that she was making a call. Then, along the line, her phone rang. The hairdresser got angry and people there tried to strip her off and take off her hair.

This is an unfortunate situation and an embarrassing moment for her because there was nothing she could have done to get away. It’s unfortunate that this lady still depends on her boyfriend for everything she needs. Was the hairdresser too harsh on her?