Layla from Scandal surprises people about her age and her big family

Natasha Sutherland popularly known as Layla MacKenzie from Scandal on etv was born in 20 November 1970, she is a shark rugby supporter and Bafana Bafana football club fan.

She is a South African actress who is also an author, motivational speaker and counselor in real life. She is well known from TV series Honeytown, Tarzan: The epic Adventure and also Scandal.


Born: 20 November 1970 (50 years in 2020)

Place of birth: Durban, South Africa

Spouse: Steve Hofmyer (1998-2008)

Children: Benjamin and Sebastián Hofmyer

Books: Bittersweet: Confession of a freshly Single

Movies: Operation Delta Force

Natasha and Family on a vacation in United Kingdom

On Scandal she is a mother to Quinton Nyathi and she is a CEO of the multi Million company Scandal. She has been active for almost 30 years in the industry.

To all people who can say they are that old, Natasha was a presenter on a children’s show Kideo on SABC1. Natasha is an active person that she was an editor for Finesse Magazine.

She is also a brand ambassador for South African Beauty brand Placecol and DBN. She wrote Green and Blue, Fairytale and Sprokie as children’s book.

On her social media she seems like a adventurous type of person and as seen on Scandal she is that kind of a shoulder to cry on. She is really a friend to Grace and to everyone she meets.

In real life she is a type of person who owns her life and not depending on the word go, this is according to her stories she shares on social media being out going.

She also likes to spend her off time from Scandal with her family, taking vacation and touring around the wold. Her father in reality was a choreographer, the family is talented.