Part 2 | Dj Bone SA vs Lito – Beef continues to stir

Recap – There’s a Beef between Dj Bone SA and Lito, this after Lito decided to block Dj Bone SA on social media and ran away.

Dj Bone SA suggested to release songs Sametime with him by 1 December. Reactions and impressions from people will determine the champ of the music.

Lito is Cassper Nyovest’s cousin but he is not willing to help family now and seemly in the future because Lito has been making requests to join Cassper but no luck.

Dj Bone SA is ready and Lito Ma__nda is also ready. He is now replying to the beef, it seems like he doesn’t like what it’s happening.

Ohk, I don’t like what’s happening but I appreciate the Gas, Lito said.

Thanks everyone sending their songs for Lito Ma__nda’s replacement.. So far me and my team been listening, we’ve have decided to have Top 5 rapper to choose from.

Those are the words from social media shared by Dj Bone SA to let people know that they have selected top 5 of best rappers.

Lito hasn’t responded to the beef yet but the way things appear on social he is busy to drop hits too, the question is who will win?

He thinks he is the man, let’s see if he can with music, and he must not use my beats. Ima sue him for my credits.

The battle is warm between these two men, each is releasing track after track as they wait to for the main event 1 December 2020. Let’s see their list of songs they released so far.

Songs they both worked on

Lito Ma__nda – Freedom featuring Qeo Art and Dj Bone SA

Dj Bone SA


Smile featuring Pwiddy HD and kidd Flacko

Lito aka Skillz

The wait

Ke Tsu Ba

These men are keeping their numbers behind closed doors as it might show an opponent the distance between to determine hits up for 1 December.

On the next episode, Lito has respond which makes the competition to heat up. Catch the beef between Dj Bone SA and Lito happening in Potchefstroom, North West.

There’s more to come and this beef is on its peak, the final date is 1 December 2020.

Dj Bone SA is going to release his songs and see Lito’s side.

Let’s continue on Part 3 of this beef, we end here.