A lady wants KFC in Rooderport to pay for her hospital bill due to being sick after eat a meal.

Johannesburg – Lady who’s name is Diana Oosthuizen from Johannesburg who claims to have been sick after eating chicken from KFC in Rooderport to pay for her hospital bill.

KFC in Rooderport said they are aware of the matter and investigating the case which lead her to get sick like she claims.

Ealier this month 6 November 2020 Diana and her family they went to the franchise and they made an order of food(chicken) which she felt sick after eating.

She later went to the hospital and still trying for those bills, she wants KFC to pay from now on. The rest of the family are still fine even after eating chicken from KFC.

I had to go to an emergency room as I just could not stop vomiting and experienced severe abdominal pains. I was placed on a drip and went back home.

Diana went to the hospital the second time for the drip because she got worse when she was at her home.

News24 confirmed the doctor’s letter and on the letter doctor stated she has salmonella infection. Diana says she paid thousands of rands for bills which she feels KFC should pay.

Her medical bills like she says they won’t cover the bills and she sylays she went to a deep depression also had to borrow money from medical aid.

We are aware of the matter at hand. We take such allegations extremely seriously and upon being notified of the issue, we took immediate steps to investigate further to understand the facts.


KFC says they have since escalated this matter and are in direct contact with the customer to provide a feedback and resolve it urgently, KFC statement.