Watch: Lightning burns fuel station to the ground in Mpumalanga


It is not everyday that South Africa experiences natural disasters especially one of great magnitude. This is why when such things happen South Africans are always surprised as to what really is going on. Recently a huge natural disaster happened at the Kruger National park which led to evacuations taking place so that people do not lose their lives in the whole process.

It has been reported that a total garage at the Kruger National park was hit by lightning on Saturday the 13th of November. The garage instantly burst into flames of great magnitude and it has been burning ever since. All this this happened in lower Sabie in Mpumalanga.

Firefighters have been working the whole night trying to extinguish the fire due to the fact that it’s surrounding a lot of places that could potentially catch fire. It is there that no one actually got injured in the whole process as the garage was actually not open it the time.

This is good news because it all happened in a matter of seconds and if people were present at the petrol station, they would have lost their lives instantly. The Kruger national park would also like to pass on the message that people can still visit it’s parks because everything was countained.

South Africans are extremely shocked by this whole cases as they didn’t think that it could happen. It cannot be said that something caused this but it was purely a natural disaster. There is no way to practically prevent it from happening, it can only be stopped very quickly once it ever takes place.


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