Young Mother Killed In Forklift Accident

According to Carletonville police’s communication officer, WO Peter Masooa, Ms Denise Daffie was driving a scooter on an errand in Diamond Street when the incident happened on Thursday, 21 October.

Cronjé was passing a delivery
truck parked in front of Marshall
Hardware near Edura at around
10:57 when a forklift suddenly
drove out from behind the truck.
The forklift struck her in the
neck, just below her jaw.

The impact of the accident was such that Daffie was flung about five metres from the scooter. Although ER24’s paramedics arrived within minutes, there was nothing they could do for her and they declared her dead at the scene.

“The driver said he had just dropped a pallet of tiles and heard a bump when he was reversing.

When he checked, he realised that the motorbike and driver had collided with the forklift.

Some police members with whom the Herald spoke after the incident ex- pressed the oponion that the area where the forklift was working should have been cordoned off with cones.