Steenhuisen believes DA can rebuild JB Marks Local Municipality

Ikageng – Speaking in Potchefstroom in the North West Province, the Democratic Alliance (DA) national leader, John Steenhuisen believes that it is only the DA that can rebuild JB Marks Local Municipality

“And if the DA wins JB Marks on 1 November, it will very soon be the best-run municipality in the North West,” said Steenhuisen.

He continued to say that the JB Marks Local Municipality is a strategic municipality for the DA as he believes that this municipality could be run by the DA from 2 November.

“In August 2016, the DA won 32% of votes in JB Marks. Just 10 percentage points short of being able to lead a governing coalition. The ANC won this municipality with the slimmest of majorities – just 50.9%,” said Steenhuisen.

He continued to say that the ruling party have nothing to show for the trust placed in them by voters but crumbling infrastructure, and an ex-Mayor facing criminal charges for theft and fraud.

“I’ve seen the Railway Station which was once regarded as one of the best on the continent, for its architectural features and beautiful layout. And I’ve heard how people are keen to restore it, but ANC-run PRASA stands in the way.

I’ve been to the Walter Sisulu Pedestrian Mall, which used to be a prime business hub, but is now a hub of crime and grime. Lights are broken, CCTV cameras no longer function, illegal dumping is rife, and infrastructure is crumbling. Predictably, some businesses are moving out, taking precious jobs with them.”

Residents of Jacaranda Old Age Home in Promosa were engage about housing lists, corruption collapse of service delivery and sewage.

“I’ve seen for myself the extreme poverty suffered by people living in Ikageng, where sewerage spills and unreliable basic services are the norm,” said Steenhuisen.

As part of his campaign and community engagemnts, Steenhuisen visisted the Potchestroom Disaster Management Centre.

“I’ve seen the Disaster Management Centre in Potch Industria, standing unfinished despite millions spent on this project (The real disaster, of course, is the ANC),” said Steenhuisen.