Man married lady who helped him to get to hospital after road accident

Man married lady who helped him to get to hospital after road accident

Phillip Muganzi was travelling with his father and sister when their vehicle rolled seven times.

Immaculate Kyarisiima was passing by and helped get Philip and his sister to the hospital.

Philip’s father kept in touch with Immaculate before eventually hooking them up.

A married couple has narrated how a near-death experience brought them together.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Phillip Muganzi and Immaculate Kyarisiima said that the former was travelling with his elder sister and father when their vehicle veered off the road.

The out of control car rolled seven times, but amazingly, they escaped with minor injuries.

Soon after the accident, a crowd gathered at the scene, and among them was Immaculate.

According to Immaculate, she asked her colleagues to take the siblings to the hospital while she took their uninjured father home.

Philip’s father plays matchmaker

After getting Philip’s father home, they exchanged contacts, and their friendship grew over several months.

Impressed by the young lady, Phillip’s father played matchmaker and would relay information about Immaculate to his son.

Philip’s dad learned about the church Immaculate attended and informed his son, who resolved to track her.

I immediately asked for my father’s blessings to go and look for her, he said.

They exchanged contacts, and their friendship grew. Finally, Phillip proposed on their first date, and she said yes.

She introduced him to her parents on August 9, and the couple wedded the next day.

The couple is blessed with a baby girl named Deborah Muganzi.

Recounting the accident, Taylor said:

I thought she was dead when I saw her on the road.

Luckily for his girlfriend Anita, she did not sustain serious injuries, and they plan on starting a life together.