Watch Out| Night travelers are warned

Watch Out| Night travelers are warned

At night there are lot of things that happens because they are of witchcraft. Witches become active at night because it’s dark and perfect for them to do their works.

Animals also be more active at night because it’s not hot and lot of their food also good at night. Witches fly at night and visits people’s home also roads at night.

When traveling at night because of work like transporting goods, transportating people to hospitals as form of emergency and just knocked off from work to home or going to night shift. You will be traveling in a road at the wrong time busting witches or wild animals having their meals on the road.

Seeing in the picture, it’s four animals on top of each other. How is that possible that a normal chicken deserved to be in a cage at home or farm be in the middle of nowhere?

The chicken might be the wild chicken but should fear for its life as jackals are out there for it. Second animal from top is a cat. Not surprising for a cat to be on the streets but what about in the wild national roads?

Animals to pile up like that alive for instance is not right and can suspect evil or witchcraft. The third animal from top is a dog. Dogs and cats can travel from locations to locations but to be seen in stack like in the picture is witchcraft.

The base animal in the picture is a donkey. Donkeys are strong animals that can curry man goods but seeing it carrying three animals in the middle of the night is witchcraft.

There might be a small village near by where those animals in the picture comes from but to see them on top of each other standing in their feet is not right but gives goose bumps when you come across them at midnight.

Return home when you see them, their principal might be traveling with them or is near by. Your car or transport may be used and you might be the fuel.

Return home or stop to pray hard and continue going forward when you are done praying. Such things will make you drousy to sleep and when you wake up you will find yourself in a place that you will never leave because you know and seen too much.