Breaking| Top ANC member arrested

Breaking| Top ANC member arrested

We blame Bheki Cele, the Minister of Police, for Sizwe Nyambi’s arrest. When did it become unlawful to wear t-shirts? At work is an apartheid strategy. They did an excellent job of grooming him. According to so-called political analysts, this man’s decision to place intelligence under his command is a wise one. Even worst is yet to come. When he comes out, he must sue them.

To begin with, the man was not intended to be detained. Because he was supporting former President Jacob Zuma, the South African Police Service and the African National Congress (ANC) tried to arrest him. We respect him because he supports Jacob Zuma, not because he is a Jacob Zuma supporter.

The arrest of Cde Sizwe Nyambi at a park station in front of tens of thousands of South Africans was completely incorrect. Because Sizwe Nyambi was about to board a bus to Durban last night, the police came up to him and arrested him for carrying 100 t-shirts with former President Jacob Zuma’s face on them.

Why? Because the South African Police Service and the African National Congress (ANC) recognize that President Jacob Zuma’s illegitimate detention will go down in history as one of the most egregious errors and injustices since 1994.

South Africans must remember that the night Former President Jacob Zuma was forced to resign by the ANC and the night he was handed over to correctional services were the worst nights of his life. President Zuma has been treated worse by the ANC than by the apartheid administration. One individual has been subjected to violence and brutality.

We shall always remember that when Jacob Zuma was President, there were no “factions,” only a few askaris who were suffocating on the inside. He had a larger pool from which to choose Ministers; he considered all NEC members to be his comrades, which is why he could reshuffle at any time. Because Ministers belong to a faction, there is no longer a larger pool.

As a result, ANC members and SAPS are attempting to arrest anyone who supports Jacob Zuma. Ngizwe Mnchunu was the first, and now Sizwe Nyambi is the second. Who will be the next person arrested for supporting Jacob Zuma? Julius Malema, the head of the EFF, could be the suspect. What are the chances?