Woman hospitalised after seriously enjoying sweet tlof tlof – This style nearly killed her!

Tlof tlof is supposed to be fun, but one unlucky woman ended up with a life-threatening injury that left her with ’10 out of 10′ pain – now docs have published her story.

In a medical report published in the American Journal Case Report, an unnamed 45-year-old from Mississippi was rushed to the hospital after experiencing insufferable stabbing sensations in her chest with “10 out of 10” pain levels.

She also became suddenly nauseous and struggled to breathe.

She was having tlof tlof with her husband with her “legs pressed against her chest” when the terrifying injury was sustained, the Mail reports. As she reached the org_asm, a strong and stabbing pain was felt in her chest, accompanied by the popping sound.

Her blood pressure was found to be 220/140mmHg following tests at her local hospital in Mississippi, USA. On average, the healthy blood pressure for a woman in her 40s is around 120/80, according to the CDC.

The doctors there found that her aorta, the largest artery in the body at over an inch wide, had a leak in it.

Her condition is called an aortic intramural haematoma and can lead to a full tear of the aorta.

“The patient had a past medical history of hypertension and … admitted to an approximately 17-year history of tobacco abuse, stating she currently smoked six to seven cigarettes daily,” the report said.

Doctors gave her morphine and fentanyl to reduce the pain and ultimately determined that she’d sustained a leak in her aorta – the largest artery at an inch in diameter, which transports blood through the body.

Her case, and others of its kind, call for immediate treatment to avoid death or significant complications.

AAS has a high mortality rate, which has been described as increasing 1% for every hour a patient is untreated, and up to 22% of cases are undiagnosed at the time of death.

The circumstances surrounding the woman’s diagnosis – the fact it was brought on by tlof tlof – has now been explored more fully by scientists in a new journal.

Bemused researchers admitted it was ‘not a commonly reported occurrence.’

The publication also reported that the woman was discharged from hospital after three days as her blood pressure lowered thereafter. She escaped going through a surgery, which is usually reserved for patients who experience leaks closer to the heart.


In the wonderful world of sexuality, few concepts are as poorly understood by the public as the female org_asm. In fact, for hundreds of years, the female org_asm’s existence had been denied, or even decried as a mortal sin.

It’s only in the past half-century or so that women’s org_asms have truly started getting the understanding and attention they deserve, thanks to the pioneering work of tlof tlof researchers and the efforts of the feminist movement.

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