“Replace Outdated Gogo Dineo Ranaka With DJ Fresh”

Kaya FM Listeners: "Replace Outdated Gogo Dineo Ranaka With DJ Fresh"-SurgeZirc SA
Kaya FM Listeners: “Replace Outdated Gogo Dineo Ranaka With DJ Fresh”

It has been a week of dissatisfaction for Kaya FM listeners, who have been complaining about Dineo Ranaka bullying Sol Phenduka.

The listeners have shared deep opinions about the hosting dynamic between Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka on their breakfast show. This comes after a video of the duo’s interactions went viral, showing Ranaka in an unflattering light, interrupting Phenduka while they were interviewing a guest.

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Phenduka even raises his hands for Ranaka to recognize him as he prepares to ask a question, but she ignores him. Watch the video below:

Many people jumped to share their thoughts on what they saw on the show and how they interpreted Ranaka and Phenduka’s professional relationship.

There was even a phony open letter urging Kaya to take action against Ranaka’s “bullying” and “toxic” workplace behavior.

Kaya FM has since defended Dineo Ranaka. However, a few Twitter users still remain unhappy andhave urged them to replace the divisive DJ. They seem to believe DJ Fresh would be an excellent substitute for.

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One Twitter user, @luummz, stated that Fresh and Phenduka would make an excellent team, and many others agreed.

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