Sangoma brought back stolen goods by sending bees for exposure of thieves

They stole from the wrong person, now the victim went to the sangoma to bring back the TV and a cylinder they stole.

It is alleged that two men went to steal the TV and a cylinder from the a South African man, the man did not like what happened to his properties and went to consult the sangoma said to be the best.

After the consultation, the man was told to wait to see the miracle in few days. Before he could think of it, two guys came without wearing shirts with swarm of bees around his bosy also carrying things they stole.

Witnesses flocked to the scene and followed the suspects as they returned the stolen things to the location where they were taken.

This incident will serve as witness that some people are not to be messed with. In other South African language they say, “Ulibambe lingashoni”. In translation it is said that the day will not end before you could face your demons.

Sometimes the witch doctor are need to sought out some thing and punished those who have wicked you.