Breaking News| Covid-19 advisor steps down

Breaking News today, Professor Salim Abdool stepped down saying he needs to devote his attention to his HIV research and other academic commitments.

After one year of being appoint as Covid-19 advisor by ministers, Professor Salim Abdool has stepped down and the Ministerial Advisory Committee has accepted the request to step down.

Professor Salim Abdool is an international respected Scientist who also holds positions at the University of Colombia, Cornell and Harvard. He also holds a position at University of KwaZulu-Natal for Aids program.

Thursday is the day that Professor Salim said his term as Co-chair of Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 is coming to an end and he will be moving on.

“I leave knowing full well that advice on our Coronavirus response is in safe hands. From April, I will be refocusing on my HIV research, especially on broadly neutralizing antibodies for prevention. This is at a critical stage, but progress has slowed as I’ve not been able to devote time and effort to it.