Urgent meeting for ama-2000s, this got people talking

Urgent family meeting has to be called for ama-2000s. This young generation is taking the world by storm with lot of things that gets people to talk about them. 

Ama-2000s are people who are born from 2000 just after 5 years South Africa got democracy. This young generation has been trending on social media even on locally where there are no cameras.

This young generation called ama-2000s are people who came to the world when everything was available and upgraded. They wear nice flesh showing clothes, they get access to high technology and all that.

Many people who follow the new trend will tell you that ama-2000s are wild free spirited people. They don’t worry who is looking or listening, they just do what they like.

Ama-2000s love money, they love to drink alcohol too much, they like to spend time out till late. Ama-2000s don’t even focus at school, they go there for fashion parade and get hooked.


Some of ama-2000s they don’t respect elders and that is not right. They go out all night, they go and spend the night till morning with their boyfriends and come back with silly explanations.

Many parents saw that they have to give them what they want to make them happy because if they don’t provide they go a d seek outside by the blessers.

Urgent meeting to be called for ama-2000s because they need to start behaving good. Look at them, they look like models while they are in high school. Sure thing their sister are being pressed down by them.