1 week Uzalo Teasers featured on

Here is Uzalo teasers from 10 Wednesday to 17 Wednesday March. You will be stunned to hear about what will happen in this one week on Uzalo. 

People are stunned to have saw what Mangcobo did yesterday on Uzalo, 9 March 2020. They are now waiting to see what will happen when she is arrested as planned. Here is what will happen in the show.

10 March to 17 March 2020

Wednesday > Mbatha suggest that they take Kwamashu Kingdom Church (KKC) by force. Wenzile gives Nonka a hard time while she is trying to reach out.

Thursday > KKC still doesn’t have a leader till date while Phelelani and Nonka’s relationship hit rock bottom.

Friday > MaMlambo puts her qualms behind her and taps into unfamiliar territories and could this really signal the end of “Phonka?”

Monday > MaMlambo’s woes about being on social media grow. Two love birds find their way to each other again.

Tuesday > KKC has become a shell of its former self.

Wednesday > Blood spills at KwaMashu Police station. Mbatha corners abazalwane into cleaning the church. Nonka stands up to Mrs. Nhlapho.

Still to come >>> MaNgcobo’s setbacks seem to be creating more problems meanwhile Mbatha puts plan to action and Phelelani thinks he’s found a solution for his troubles.