OVER 460 live ammunition rounds were fired at a crime scene where eight thugs died early on Monday.

One police officer succumbed to the injuries the following day after 464 cartridges were found in one of the biggest crime scenes this year involving thugs and the police in Rosettenville, south of Jozi.

The crime scene was so big it had to be divided into five zones, with one having about 356 cartridges.

According to Ipid spokeswoman Grace Langa, of the eight suspects who were killed, one was an ex-military member.

The first scene was at 50 Friars Hill Road, where one assault rifle, one empty magazine and 23 live ammunition rounds were found. A total of 72 spent cartridges of rifle calibre, five commercial explosives and six Carmex wires were found.

In addition, five stolen vehicles – an Audi Q3, a Ford Ranger, a Mercedes-Benz, a Range Rover and an Audi S4 – were recovered.

At the second scene on the same street, two assault rifles with a filed off serial numbers and three magazines loaded with 54 live ammunition were recovered from a BMW X3 riddled with bullets. Two deceased suspects, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds, were inside the car.

One deceased suspect lied on the street not far away.

At least, 356 spent cartridges of rifle calibre were found.

At the third scene at corners Short and Violet streets, one assault rifle with filed off serial number, four magazines with 117 live ammunition of rifle calibre as well as two spent cartridges of rifle ammunition were found. One deceased suspect, an ex-military member, was lying next to a house on Violet.

Also found at the fourth scene at Victoria Street were one AK-47 rifle with a filed off serial number, two magazines loaded with 55 live ammunition as well as one spent rifle cartridge and balaclavas.

The last scene was at Hakka Road, where four deceased suspects with multiple gunshot wounds were found inside the house. It was established that the suspects had fled from the first scene, and held hostage occupants of the house.