4 possible reasons why pastors sleeps with congregation

We’ve heard of more than one situation in which pastors are sleeping with members of their congregations, particularly married ladies.

Have you ever wondered why the number of cases is growing by the day? The following are some of the reasons why pastors are wary of including married women in their flock.

1. The pastor is a bad person.

This is the first and most important reason. A preacher with good morals would never sleep with female members of his congregation.

How can a pastor preach against adultery and fornication while yet engaging in the vice with his own flock? Immoral soul pure and simple.

2. He is seduced by the ladies

Now tell me, you’re there with your wonderful morals and commitment to purity, yet these daughters of Jezebel appear seductively clothed in church, occupy the front seats, and treat you so nicely.

4Remember, even though he’s a pastor, he’s still a guy, and men are drawn to beauty. Unless he is suffering from a medical ailment, he will undoubtedly be affected by seductions, and when the feelings of the body overpower the works of the soul, he will undoubtedly fall asleep.

3. A period of inactivity

This is the case when you haven’t done anything for a long time. Some pastors labor far away from their wives, and when duty calls, they are overcome with longing.

Now if there is a female congregant whose husband is also away for a long duration, what will you expect of the two when the woman visits the pastor for the routine cleaning and cooking?

4. Tempting environment during private counselling and prayer sessions.

Some ladies including married women visit the pastor for counselling sessions and special prayers in regard to very personal issues.

Because both the pastor and the lady are in private during these prayers and counseling sessions, they may become emotionally connected.