This is what will happen to your body after eating instant noodles

When there are new food in the industry been introduced, many people criticise them first before they find out they are delicious and somehow healthy. Some they stop or don’t eat them initially just because of critics.

Here you will find out what will happen to you body when you stop eating or what will happen to your body after eating noodles. This doesn’t say to refrain from eating them, all things have side effects whether good or bad.

Effects of noodles to your body

  • Noodles are mostly salty and have carbohydrates, this are good for indigestion. This doesn’t mean is healthy because you will find moderate of them, if you eat many bowls of noodles in a day you will be acting too much.
  • Noodles don’t contain enough vitamins, fiber and minerals and it means you will not be getting enough.
  • You will feel bloated after eating and also lethargic.
  • You can also gain temporary weight which you don’t want.
  • Just because noodles are processed food, they will stay in your stomach for longer time which they might make you have big belly.
  • Some olnoodles increase your way of getting sick like Nausea and vomiting also causes headaches.

In order to not get sick, you will have to eat less in a day say one bowl and less in one month. Remember too much of something good is bad.