[Fiction] I waited for it to pass but the next morning it was in my bonnet. Says this guy

Meet the man who waited for the huge snake to cross the road but the next thing it was in his bonnet. See what really happened.

Snakes are good reptiles but people fear them because they look creepy also fearing to get swallowed or poisoned. Not all snakes will attack you for just, only when they feel threatened or you caught them off guard or are hunting.

Meet the man who was driving and along the way he saw a huge python crossing the road to the next side of the field. He waited for it to cross the road because he didn’t want to drive through it and kill it.

As this guy was waiting for this python to cross, he lost sight of it and thought it did cross but the next morning when he were to start a car it didn’t want to start. He tried and tried to start the engine but it didn’t start.

He checked his dashboard and saw he still have fuel, he then decided to go and check the engine maybe thieves stole the engine. When he open the bonnet, he saw a huge python lying on his engine and he was frightened.

He called people to help him take it out in neighboring guests houses in the lodge.

People did help him to take it out and let it go into the wild. Next time you should keep few meters when the snake cross because you might see it crawling the in the steering wheel or in the bonnet too.

The reason for the snake to get inside the bonnet might be that it was warming its self from warm engine or used as shelter for the night.