14 signs that shows you are not healthy

If you don’t want to wait for the doctor to come and tell you that you are not healthy and you don’t want to buy over the counter pills to know, then you are reading the right thing to know before going there.

There are many ways to tell that you are not healthy, this doesn’t mean you are sick but you may be at risk in getting sick. Read carefully on signs because some may mean you have underlying sickness that haven’t attacked.

You need to carefully check your body from head to toe and if you see unusual things get to the bottom of it before further damage. We all know that no one want to go to the doctor, first to get sick. Read the signs that shows you are not healthy.

Bad skin > Skin is a sure case to tell you about your health before anything else. You Wil se blemishes like stretch marks other than acne. This is a sign that you are having a poor diet. You are not eating enough of protein, folate, zinc and other nutrients.

Sleep issues > You didn’t drink coffee or didn’t eat a dark chocolate but you are wide awake, lack of sleep signal health issues. You are not healthy, when your health is stable you will sleep when your body and brain are tired, but if you don’t then you have underlying sickness.

Toilet problems > On your next visit, check the color of your urine, smell and amount, if they are yellow, bad odo and small amount on the checklist you need to be concern. You drink lot of water but the checklist is otherwise, then you are not healthy. Even when you defacating if it’s slow its a problem. You need to go to the toilet at least twice a day, healthy people goes 5 times.

Lip balm reliance > even if you apply a lip balm your lips keeps going dry, this means you have a deficiency of vitamins. This is not healthy because your lips will always be chapped.

Brown, brittle nails > Nails can say lot of things about your healthy, a lot. It is the first screening tool people usually use to check if they are still in good or moderate health. If they are brittle and brown it means you are not healthy, you lack iron.

Body temperature fluctuation > Your hand are cold but it’s hot, this means you have a cardiovascular risk. You might have a heart attack as you grow up or it’s time.

Cloudy kind > When you are healthy your mind will be pretty sharp, if you can’t formulate a potent thought, time is up.

Constant itchy > Wanting to scratch yourself means you have a liver problem, have it checked.

Premature graying > You are not 50 to 55 years old but you have grey hair, this means you have a thyroid disorder. You are not healthy to tell you, even those with birth mark.

Swelling of legs > This is a sign of heart problem, kidney and thyroid. Go to the doctor soon as possible, unless you are pregnant and with high blood pressure.

Bad breath > This is a sign of gingivitis or entestine problems, not poor hygiene, you have a problem in your guts and it’s not healthy.

Yellow eyes > This means jaundice, your liver has a problem. Go to the doctor and start with treatment before brain damage occurs.

Swollen neck > This is thyroid and you need to take it seriously than having just nail problems, this is serious and go to the doctor.