One foreigner refuses to be arrested by cops for doing horrible things

South Africans are willing to volunteer to work at borders to secure our country because law enforcement are selling the country with R100’s.

All African countries be calling South Africa xenophobic. But fact is South Africa is not a xenophobic country, they only protect their own country because thousands and millions of illegal foreigners come into South Africa to commit crimes and go back to their own countries. So 50% of South Africans are really tired of foreigners behavior.

Nyaope was design by foreign and south african government to destroy young south african’s so that foreigners can take over. A carrying government will do something to help young people to stay away from nyaope. But Anc government is doing nothing, including Julius Malema.

Foreign nationals are always resisting arrest and attacking South Africa protection system.They are undermining laws government of South Africa. Sout Africa protection system is working overtime because of foreign criminals.They are exhausting South Africa resources. South Africans are heavily taxed to feed foreign criminals. Now South African Women are under attack.

South Africa have 80% of rape problem, however it becomes a huge concern when foreigners are adding to South Africa problems. Some 90% foreign men are raping women in South Africa. Most women are also raped by Bolt drivers too. This attacks on South Africa women must come to an end. All this problems caused by ANC and EFF by allowing foreigners to come to South Africa. Anc destroyed south africa, 2024 it should be removed.

Foreigners are everywhere illegal in the country, somalians are selling fakes and Anc is doing nothing about that. No health inspectors. Come 2024. South Africa is so depressing because of useless leaders. A foreigner even if he has citizenship or naturalized should never ever work in the country. Who ever appointed foreigners must be jailed too.