Illegal || Foreigners occupied positions at Home Affairs

South Africa, Pretoria – What is Aaron Motsoaledi doing while illegal foreigners are infiltrating top positions in his department?Well it seems the ANC has been selling South Africa out for many years. So there was no vetting done by Home Affairs Department? How many qualified South Africans were denied this job?

Can you imagine all the chaos an illegal foreigner cam cause in a top position at home affairs? This comes as a former assistant director at the Department of Home Affairs, from the Congo, once again was denied South African citizenship, after the department abolished his citizenship as it was, among others, established that his marriage to a South African woman was a fraud. But how did he make it in to a government seat in the first place? While there are many unemployed South Africas in Mzansi?

According to news sources his employment by the department of home affais, has been under investigation since 2007. Thus just proves that the ANC government is a joke. If this can happen in Home Affairs, can you imagine what’s happening in other government departments?

Source: Anonymous News SA