Bushiri’s son reveals a big secret about his father leaving many in disbelief

Bushiri is a self-declared prophet who lives in Africa and is a well-known contravisial figure. Africa is a religious continent with a large number of pastors, bishops, and self-proclaimed prophets.

These self-proclaimed prophets, such as Bushiri, have established a number of churches, particularly in South Africa, where they claim to have been sent by God to bring healing. And because many people in our culture are deeply afflicted and yearning for healing, as well as for God to hear their prayers and provide them with clear instruction, they turn to these prophets.

Bushiri, as a well-known prophet, has attracted a lot of attention, particularly when it comes to his forecasts. Many people who do not believe in him say he is a fake prophet who is only interested in making money from his followers, but others believe he was sent by God to accomplish the miracles he does. Bushiri has faced a lot of blowback and criticism for his work, and it appears that he is still receiving it, even from his own kid.

Pastor Charles Farai of Zimbabwe, who appears to know Prophet Bushiri well, has already spoken about the things that Bushiri died of, which are thought to be bogus. Bushiri’s congregation, on the other hand, believed Charles was lying. Charles has returned to brand the self-proclaimed prophet a liar, claiming that Bushiri has been paying him money to stay silent about his actions.

Charles also claims that the money prophet Bushiri gave him in Malawi for money he owed him since he fled South Africa does not change the fact that Bushiri is a liar who has affairs with other women behind his wife’s back.