Chris Q. Radebe, the script writer for Umkhokha, continues to get tributes ( Ifalakhe actor)

To be a good script writer, you must have a lot of passion, perseverance, flexibility, knowledge, consistency, and always be writing and networking.

Umkhokha, a new television show on Mzansi Magic, seems to have all of that. After an incredibly intriguing episode with a surprise, Twitter couldn’t contain itself last night. Chris Radebe, the Umkhokha script writer, received numerous tributes.

Umkhokha is a Sunday night drama in South Africa about two families fighting for control of a church, Ithempeli Lenkosi, after the leader dies. The two families are attempting to consolidate their dominance.

Chris Q. Radebe, who played Dabula on Isibaya, is a playwright and actor. Isibaya, Mzansi Magic’s much-loved soap, returns after eight years on our small screens.

We’ve all been in that situation. We all have a favorite scene, sequence, moment, monologue, or character that we enjoy seeing. However, as the writers create the scripts to improve the pace and tighten the overall manuscript, they keep popping out and need to be removed.