No, police are not telling women that men expect something in return for a drink

The South African Police Service has warned people that they must be extra careful when reading news on social media.

They said that a number of fake SAPS posts are doing the rounds on social media spreading misinformation.

From what could be gathered from the SAPS post was that the fake news centred around gender-based violence issues.

Besides being careful about believing fake news, the police urged people not to recirculate the posts.

Ntebaleng Mampuru:

“Those are the responses and service we get our SAPS when we report .news are fake but a sad reality.”

Mabwedza Lameck:

“The message is very important on the wrong platform though. This is how women should be taught when they go out to avoid sad story. Women must be taught that there’s nothing for free from men. Unless if it coming from your father.”

Drew Wicher:

“Well, looking at the SAPS track record of victims trying to lodge cases of GBV, I thought this post was actually true.”

… Still on that

No, Ramaphosa will not be a guest on MacG’s ‘Podcast and Chill’ show

President Ramaphosa To Be On MacG’s Podcast?

Earlier, Briefly News reported that following explosive interviews on the popular podcast hosted by MacG with Natasha Thahane and Jub Jub in the past few weeks, social media users have also made the call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to sit in the hotseat and answer a few questions.

These calls have seemingly resulted in a poster circulating on social media claiming that the next ‘Podcast and Chill’ episode will have Ramaphosa as a guest.

Athi Geleba, the Head of Communications in the Office of the Presidency, has taken to social media to debunk the poster advertising Ramaphosa’s appearance on the podcast as fake. It is currently unclear where the poster originated from.