Signs that you are spiritually gifted

Being spiritually gifted is one of the intuitions that started decades ago passes by generations to generations till date. Some people before they conclude they might be spiritually gifted they believe it’s bizarre. They find themselves in a cycle of questions while trying to figure it out.

You might be on the fence about whether you have an intuitive side or if you have a gift in dealing with the spiritual realm. Read this article to find out.

Vivid dreams

It might be starting with dreams while you are at young age from 5 years. When you are spiritually gifted you will dream a lot every night even when you are taking a day nap.


When you are still young you will be having visions of things that might happen in the future. Even things that have passed in a particular place. When you are old too the intuition will still be with you.

Spiritual hours

If you usually wake up in 3am and 4am early mornings without an alarm you set for a specific thing it means you might be spiritually gifted. During those hours it is believed it is when the veil between the spirit world and the natural world is the thinnest. If you wake up, the spirits are there for communication.


This when your visions or thoughts don’t move on from something about someone, place or an object. This is when the spirits are trying to tell you there’s something wrong. If it’s if good thoughts it’s of good warning, vice versa.


You need to understand voices you are hearing or will be hearing. There might be voices resulting from stress and voices resulting from your gift.

To the experience, clear voices are heard when it’s in the middle of midnight or while you are waiting to fall asleep. Voices will have a slight base or like of a normal voice. They talk little fast and go away.

They will talk most of the days repeating what they said before till you have full understanding. They never shout to scare you.

Relation of feelings

When you are around a person or people you will relate to their emotions like as if they are yours. You are absorbing their energy. Sometimes you will feel for far people that they might be crying and hurt when something just happened to them. Before they call you to let you know already you know and felt it. You can also feel someone is coming and you know axactly who it is.

Those with spiritual gifts often find that their emotions will change with the environment. Some feel sad for nothing or happy more than others.

Strange people

When you are spiritually gifted strange people likes you. They will tend to want to talk to you and ask help of everything. They might be asking questions for direction to a place, time, things and other humanity help. It will happen rarely. Rarely because when it’s the time for spirit to remind you that you are special. You will know and feel when it happens, you will feel relieved of something after doing it.

Attracting attention

When you are spiritually gifted you will tend to attract attention in every thing. When you are around people your things will tend to be recognized more often even if it’s just a simple thing.

If you have been experiencing these then you are spiritually gifted and you need to pay attention. Seek for elderly tale tales for more understanding.


When you are spiritually gifted your emotions, thoughts, dreams, visions and voices will change with how the moon is, from full moon to quarter moon. Also the color of the moon, from grey to red.