[Pictures]AKA announced a new venue of his own, Cuba lounge blk | Video

No body saw it coming, the adventure of AKA of opening a club during lockdown amid Covid-19. Social media is surprised to see there’s a new place they can chill at, fresh venue they didn’t expect to have.

AKA is a man of taste in accordance to what he choose. Not so long ago the world received a new taste of flavor of Cruz Vodka, watermelon. Recently a new flavor of Cruz Vodka is introduced called Banana Deluxe, who would have thought they will drink them in his place one day?

Cruz Vodka – watermelon

AKA announces on social media that he now has his own place where people will chill and says having his own vodka wasn’t enough. Recently he has Cruz Vodka Banana deluxe which people loves it and share stories enjoying it.

Cruz Vodka – Banana Deluxe

He is a man of taste in accordance of what he chooses and knowing what people loves makes it very simple for him to deliver. People are now surprised to see another great news from AKA, Cuba Lounge Blk which will be launched on December 2020 before day of reconciliation.

@Jason, Wow congratulations Mega, what a time to be a part of the Megacy. It’s amazing to see our KING flourish and into a boss. These words are from one of the tweeps as surprised as he is like everybody else. See how the club looks like inside.