Professor Karim is worried about the SA 2nd wave amid Covid-19

South Africa – Experts of the ruthless virus Covid-19 are very worried that South Africa might be experiencing Second wave of Corona Virus. Bad things shouldn’t happen first like high numbers of fatalities and administions then conclude it’s the second wave.

When experts of this virus are worried so should everyone, same way Dr Zweli Mkhize is worried of the second wave.

There is no question. What we witnessed at the Ballito Rage is a super spreading event. There are now almost 100 infections and counting. One or two of these events; and the virus takes off. Everybody who attended the Ballito Matric Rage should quarantine. We hope doing so will blunt the spread

16 December every year many people will be attending events and with the Covid-19 pandemic in place, rise in infections is a concern.

With eased lockdown restrictions, daily cases are still rising and now that everything is more eased, what will happen?

Professor Salim Abdool Karim is now openly suggesting a pathway has been opened for a severe second wave of Covid-19 infections in South Africa.

Will South Africa see itself on second way and go back to high levels of lockdown? This will depend on how people behave and the recorded cases don’t really drop.

Given that the epidemic has now been spreading in the Eastern and Western Cape for almost a month, these increases that we are seeing in KZN and Gauteng are quite worrying. We are now getting to a point where the numbers are suggesting that we are entering into a pathway that will take us into a second wave.

Free State is standing on the 4th position, and many provinces will also take positions irrespective of who’s on which position for now.

The country might see itself on second wave of Covid-19 in a blink of an eye, probability might it is already in it.