5 Food to eat for pimple free face and have glowing skin

What you eat is very important for overall health. There are some food that are healthy but causes you to have pimples on the face while there are others to remove them leaving you with glowing face or skin altogether.

If you could stick to one diet for up to six months, you will be transformed to a newly person like from your skin tone to body weight also your internal health.

🥑 Avocado

This is considered to be the most perfect essential oil provider on earth. It has many benefits for your health. Eat on a regular basis as possible because it’s seasonal. If you can’t find it then buy skin products that has avocado as an ingredient but remember to eat it as far as its start from the inside.

🥜 Walnuts

Walnuts are source of Omega 6 fats and perfect for your skin also your hair. One amazing thing about walnuts is that they are available everywhere. You can plant your own tree or find them in the streets burbs where there are those trees.

🌻Sunflower seeds

This is a great source of vitamin E which is essential for the skin. If you can’t find a bunch of these seeds, you can also buy muesli where you will find not only sunflower seeds but varieties such as pumkim seed too.


In all your daily meals, have red, yellow and green peppers to be your ingredients even if it’s not everyday but make them your most of the time ingredients. This is because they are a source of beta carotene which will be converted to vitamin A, perfect for the skin.


Broccoli is a great source of zinc, vitamin A and C perfect for the skin. Nutrients found in broccoli are for effective to make your skin have moisture and limit wrinkles.


💦Water is not to be left behind. Drink 8 glasses of water per day as recommended to flush out toxins and help your body to have enough water to remove waste and use nutrients at full capacity.

💡Did you know?

That if you are dehydrated your body will be desperate for water that it will absorb water from your feces? This will cause your metabolism to be slow and later to have a big unnecessary belly.