Watch – What’s going on with Babes Wodumo? This got people talking!

Media entertainment – Babes Wodumo is now dancing in a way that makes people to laugh at her. She is twerking in a way that Mampintsha is trying to cover her behind because she is not aware.

Mampintsha is really trying to hide her behind because she is not wear a tight underneath and there’s someone who is shooting a live video on social media.

All celebrities when they are live on social media fans who follow them get notifications that certain celebrities or someone started a live video.

People didn’t expect to see such a thing from the new Babes Wodumo, she joined and see the unexpected. A lot of people on social media are talking about this.

Some people says her talents need some discipline because she is best known for her dance moves and music, but now her dancing is not so good.

People on social media says she is high on drugs, but probably alcohol not drugs. They also warns to watch out for these live video things or pictures because fan are watching and some end up being memes.

Social media is saying that they have seen a lot from Babes Wodumo and now that she is doing this, people must just observe and move on cause it’s usual of her as she likes attention, they say.

If it wasn’t for Mampintsha, many people were going to see her behind. Lot of people on social media are wishing if Mampintsha didn’t block the view. They wanted to see what Mampintsha is hiding, on the video Mampintsha then takes Babe Wodumo away from a live video.