NPA accused of dragging feet in high-profile cases

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) finds itself at a crossroads where now more than ever, its actions will determine if it still holds to the mandate of justice.

This is the view of political analyst Dr Imraan Buccus.

Public interest group Accountability Now has accused the prosecutions body of dragging its feet in prosecuting high-profile cases and has threatened NPA boss Shamila Batohi with court action.

The NPA has denied it’s intentionally been slow in investigating the matters.

The head of the Investigating Directorate, Hermione Cronje has also resigned, adding to the concern.

Buccus believes it’s a challenge for the NPA, which has been trying to regain the public’s confidence.

“Increasingly, there’s a really fine line between our political order and the underworld and I think the prosecuting authority becomes a lifeline of hope.

“But in the context of South Africa, it is clear that for a whole number of reasons, the prosecuting authority has been dragging its feet and I think people are growing impatient and it also gives rise to a whole number of speculations of what’s going on.”