Watch – Mlindo apologize for being intoxicated with alcohol which lead not to perform as expected

The best responsible musician Mlindo The Vocalist drank too much of alcohol while he was suppose to perform. Mlindo The Vocalist is now apologizing for that kind of behavior.

There’s a video that is circulating on social media captured by one of the people who went to witness his performance. Many people who went there they are disappointed because he didn’t perform due to misuse of alcohol.

One of the tweep compare what happened to Mlindo to Mtee, same whatsApp group. Some people believe he was dragged because they don’t know him like that.

Some blame his manager for not telling him to stop because his reputation and career is on the line. Many people will forget and still support him in the future but will remind him of this behavior.

People on social media warns other people to be careful with their drinks as they assume there must be something inside Mlindo’s drink.

Alcohol misuse leads to such things, there’s no master of it but legends know when to stop or the pace they should be on.